Non-Immigrant “O” Visa are issued to dependents of non-immigrant visa holders working for government associated agencies and non-profit or public organisations including retired persons or persons who originally held Thai citizenship, medical treatment and sports training according to government demands, or as witnesses or defendants in lawsuits.

Foreigners with a Thai Spouse

Foreigners with a Thai spouse who are able to show proof of marriage can obtain a 1-year Non-Immigrant “O” Visa.

1) Required documents

  • An application form TM.7
  • A copy of an original passport or substitute document.
  • One 4 x 6 cm photo.
  • Marriage certificate or its equivalents.
  • Birth certificate (if any) and current original medical certificate (30-50 baht at any Thai clinic).
  • Evidence to identify that the supporter or the person being supported has Thai nationality or has residence in Thailand.
  • If an applicant is the supporter, he/she must submit financial evidence, proof of employment, a work permit and tax receipts. Applying for an extension for foreigners who support or are being supported by a spouse with Thai nationality or who has residence in Thailand.

2) Validity of visa

This visa is valid for a period of 90 days.

3) Extension of stay

The Immigration Office will grant an applicant a maximum extension of one year at a time.

4) Visa fee

1,900 Baht

5) Where to apply

Foreigners must apply for a Non-Immigrant “O” Visa at a Thai Embassy or Consulate abroad before entering Thailand.

Retirement Visa

1) Required documents

  • Application form TM.7
  • A copy of an original passport or substitute document.
  • One 4 x 6 cm photo.
  • Proof of financial status or pension.
  • Letter from your embassy saying that you wish to retire in Thailand. (Must be over 50 years old).
  • Proof of at least 800,000 Baht in a Thai bank account, or an income of not less than 65,000 baht per month, or a combination of funds in your bank account and monthly income. Example: 400,000 Baht in your bank account and income of 32,500 Baht every month.
  • If an applicant is 50 - 59 years old with illness, or is feeble and sensitive to colder climates, and has lived in Thailand for a long period of time, special circumstances may be considered. An applicant must also submit medical certificates and proof of having lived in Thailand for a long period of time.
  • Pensioners arriving before October 1998 who have remained in the country continously only need 200,000 Baht in a Thai Bank when they apply for an extension.
  • Foreigners must provide evidence that he/she has income amounting to at least 65,000 baht per month or a bank account amounting to at least of 800,000 baht in cash when initially applying for a one-year visa.

2) Application procedures

Many Immigration offices now have the authority to issue a one-year retirement visa without sending the application to Bangkok. With all the required documents in hand and the bank certification dated the same date as the application, a one-year retirement visa will usually be ready the same day, and may take a little as 1 hour.

3) Visa fee

500 Baht

4) Note

  • The bank certification of deposit (of 800,000 baht) must show that the money was transfered into the Thai bank account from another country.
  • In the case of applications for 1-year extensions of stay or applications to change tourist or transit visa to non-immigrant visa, evidence must be provided by each applicant that has income or bank deposit in the same amounts as indicated in the requirements.
  • Retirees who are married to a foreigner (eg. an Englishman married to say a Phillipino) can apply for a non-immigrant “O” visa under the normal criteria of 800,000 baht or 65,000 baht coming in each month. However, if he/she wants to include his/her spouse on this visa, they must show proof of marriage, such as a marriage certificate.

5) Further information

Tel: (662) 287-3905 or 287-3101-10 (ext 2259-61)