To encourage visitors to lengthen their stay in Thailand, Thai authorities are in the process of revising visa regulations as follows:

1. Visitors who bring over 3 million baht in currency into Thailand will be granted a temporary certificate of residence for one year.

Requirements for this type of visa:

  • The applicant must provide documents confirming that three million baht has been transferred in his/her name to any bank in Thailand. This money can be used toward any of the following objectives: a fixed deposit in any government bank, purchase of Government bonds or State Enterprise bonds, purchase of a condominium which is registered with the Land Department, or other investments approved by the Office of Immigration Bureau. Applicants investing in one of the said investments can also invest their capital in one or other objectives but the total amount of investment should not be less than three million baht.
  • Prior to entering the country, applicants must have an appropriate kind of visa issued by a Thai Consulate or Embassy abroad.

- The Office of Immigration Bureau reserves the right to terminate the visitor’s stay in the Kingdom if he/she fails to inform the Office of Immigration Bureau in advance of any change in their investment activities.

2. Foreign retired persons over 50 years of age and who bring foreign currencies into Thailand over the amount of 800,000 baht may apply for non-immigrant visas allowing a one-year stay in Thailand.

On 8th September 1998, the Cabinet has passed a resolution granting the authorities concerned to facilitate the issuance of visas to foreigners aged 50 years of age or above wishing to take retreat in the Kingdom for at least one year. The following conditions and procedures apply:

a) To Qualify, the Applicant must:
- Be a foreign national 50 years or older
- Not be prohibited from entering the Kingdom under the Immigration Act B.E. 2522 (A.D 1979)
- Have in his or her possession money amounting to not less than 800,000 Baht or a monthly income of 65,000 Baht or savings and annual income totalling not less than 800,000 Baht. This amount must eventually be transferred to a bank in Thailand.

b) Required documents for visa application:
- Three visa application forms completely filled out and certified by a Notary Public
- Three passport-sized photos of the applicant taken within six months of applying
- Photocopy of the applicant’s travel document with validity not less than 18 months
- Photocopies of the financial documents discussed above
- Additional application form
- Medical certificate (Signed and stamped by your doctor)

c) Applicants can submit their application packages to Thai consular missions abroad and at the Office of the Immigration Bureau in Thailand.

d) Procedure for consideration of issuance of visa:
- At consular missions abroad, once the application package is submitted, the Consular officials are required to examine such documents to see that they are in good order and complete as per above. They will then forward the materials to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok. The Consular mission will be notified whether the Office of the Immigration Bureau has given approval to issue the visa to the applicant. The Consular official must request from the applicant financial certification that he or she has already complied with financial obligations stated above before granting the visa.
- The following applicants may apply for this type of visa in the country from the Office of the Immigration Bureau:

  • Applicants undergoing health rehabilitation program in hospitals or Health Centres. These organizations will apply on behalf of the individual applicant.
  • Applicants who are spouses/parents/children of such applicants above
  • Applicants whom the agencies or organizations approved by the Office of the Immigration Bureau have applied for a visa on their behalf. These applicants must meet the qualifications stated in 2(a).

e) Duration of stay and extension
- Permission to stay in the Kingdom will be granted for one year upon arrival. Upon expiry of this period, extension for one year at a time will be granted to holders of this type of visa as long as they continue to meet the requirements above.