18th January 2008 - Latest news from ECC

(Thailand), one of the longest established teacher training centres in Thailand, is offering the CELTA in a variety of locations in early 2008. Dates are as follows:

Bangkok: 28th January - 22nd February and 3rd - 28th March.

Chiang Mai: 4th - 29th February and 10th March - 4th April

Phuket: 4th - 29th February and 3rd - 28th March

If you are interested in taking one of these courses, please visit our website (www.eccthai.com) for further information.

26th December 2007 - Latest news from TEFl Intercontinental

TEFL Intercontinental, TEFL trainees,teaching practice during the course on 20/12/2007.The TEFL Intercontinental TEFL course provides both the training and practical experience necessary to become a teacher of English as a foreign language. TEFL Intercontinental offers an internationally recognized TEFL Certificate to those who are interested in a teaching position in Pattaya or anywhere in Thailand.

Course Content:
Fully accredited 120 hour TEFL CERTIFICATE / 40 hours intensive training & Thai culture / Observe an English Teacher in a School + Volunteer to share the experience during the course / 80 hours of teaching practice in school to get your experience and gain an understanding of Thai culture / Textbook and materials.
For more information, visit the TEFL Intercontinental website at http://www.teflintercon.com or email: info@teflintercon.com Telephone number: 086-8415976 , 038-406-640

15th December 2007 - Latest news from SIT TESOL certificate program

SIT TESOL Certificate Course is pleased to announce its full course schedule for 2008:

Bangkok February 28 - March 26
Bangkok June 12 - July 9
Chiang Mai August 7 - September 4
Bangkok November 6 - December 3

We look forward to another year of courses in which trainees not only develop the practical skills required to teach English, but also have a great time doing so.
At SIT we believe in doing all we can to stir a passion for teaching within our trainees. We work hard to create a warm, positive and supportive environment where the objective of enabling trainees to reach their potential is paramount. Trainees work hard, learn a lot, but then also take the time to enjoy the experience. After all, what other course helps you improve your 10-pin bowling skills!?
With the quality of our courses guaranteed by the School for International Training, a leading graduate school in the US, we offer intensive training in all aspects of teaching. This ensures that trainees will be well prepared join their fellow graduates now successfully teaching in all corners of the world.
For more information: http://www.auathailand.org/sit/index.htm
or contact Steve Tait at training@auathailand.org

4th December 2007 - Latest news from SEE TEFL, Chiang Mai

SEE TEFL’s March 3rd March 28th 2008 Programme will conduct its fourth and final week at Hinsuaynamsai beach resort in Rayong. Accommodation, travel (from Chiang Mai) and food for the week are inclusive in the normal programme fee. We shall travel with students from Lanna Technology College in Chiang Mai. These students will be encouraged to interact with trainees and will also be the students used for final observed teaching practices. Book now to avoid disappointment as each course is limited to 10 trainees. For more information contact John johnefl@gmail.com

There is no substitute for teaching real students in real classrooms in real learning institutions. SEE provides the widest range of teaching practices possible: we visit Anubahn Chiang Mai and Thedsabahn Wat Gookhum Chiang Mai to teach 4-11 year olds; Varee Chiang Mai School to teach 12-17 year olds; and Rajabaht University or Bormarajonani College of Nursing to teach young adults. www.SiamEducationalExperience.org

21st November 2007 - Latest news from Worldwide TEFL, Pattaya

After all the negative publicity regarding education in Thailand and how foreigners were involved, there is still a huge demand for (near) native English speakers with the right qualifications.

WorldWide TEFL has launched new programs to cater to different demands
- TEFL Certificate course (1 week in-class and 2 months practice)
- Extended TEFL Class room course (3 weeks in-class)
- TEFL weekend course (in combination with an non-immigrant ED visa)

We’re also offer course differentiation, such as:
- Young Learners
- Business English
- English Grammar in depth

Please visit our website www.worldwidetefl.com for more information or just send us an e-mail: worldwidetefl@teacher.com

2nd October 2007 - Text and Talk joins with The Kanesuan Academic Center in Khon Kaen.

The well-known and highly respected Kanesuan Academic Center (KC) was established in 1989 by the present owner, Professor Apinya Suwannarong, as a tutorial school for the purpose of meeting the academic needs of the Khon Kaen community, which in the years that have followed has developed into the most respected and successful tutorial school in the entire Northeast region of Thailand.

In a continued effort to meet the educational needs of the Khon Kaen community, Acharn Apinya has branched out with the opening of a the popular language academy on the premises of Khon Kaen University, and has partnered with TEXT-AND-TALK Academy in presenting an outstanding TEFL Training Course Program there for the purpose of providing professionally trained teachers of English as both a second and foreign language for Thailand.

KC Academy is located right in the Khon Kaen University Complex, in which are located virtually all of the different kinds of shops and restaurants that you would find in most shopping centers!
You can get more information at the following weblink.

20th September 2007 - Latest news from Chiang Mai University

The Language Institute Chiang Mai University is proud to announce the launch of its Introduction to TEFL course. This fun and interactive 16-hour weekend course offers you the opportunity to sample teaching in Thailand. Trainees will learn: classroom management, lesson planning and delivery plus practical teaching to Thai students. The LICMU Introduction to TEFL is ideal for students who would like to learn the basics of ESL teaching. Secondly, it will give you the opportunity to see whether teaching is for you. Trainees will still enjoy the highest level of ESL teaching from our instructors here at the Language Institute Chiang Mai University. Upon successful completion, trainees will be awarded a certificate of completion. For those students wishing to seek employment after they complete this program, will gain access to our International Job Placement Program.

The normal cost for this program is 10,000 Thai Baht; however from now until the end of the year, candidates who enroll on the LICMU Introduction to TEFL will pay a promotional price of 8,500 Thai Baht. This fee will include all of your material, plus a free How to Teach English by Jeremy Harmer textbook. Trainees who complete The Introduction to TEFL and wish to enroll to our 130-hour TEFL Certificate Program will receive a further discount of 8,500 Thai Baht!
Why do Introduction to TEFL with LICMU?
 Experience teaching at Chiang Mai University with Thai students.
 Fun and Interactive learning environment.
 High quality teaching with experience ESL Trainers
 Accredited by Chiang Mai University
 Access to International Job Placement Services
 Further discount to the LICMU 130- hour TEFL certificate program.

The Dates:

 Saturday 13th – Sunday 14th October, 2007
 Saturday 20th – Sunday 21st October, 2007
 Saturday 27th – Sunday 28th October, 2007
 Saturday 3rd – Sunday 4th November, 2007
 Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th November, 2007
 Saturday 17th – Sunday 18th November, 2007
 Saturday 24th – Sunday 25th November, 2007

For further information about this program email us at: teflintro@teflcmu.com or visit our website at www.teflcmu.com

27th June - Latest news from BEST TEFL

TEFL International in association with Sikkim Manipal University has launched a unique Bachelor of Science in Language Teaching (BScLT) degree course. This course not offers a graduate degree but also develops the skills of language teaching equivalent to the TEFL or TESOL program. So with one course the students will cover two most important qualifications of an English language teacher – a degree and TEFL training.

TEFL International is the largest teacher training organisation in the world and its TESOL course is recognised worldwide, while Sikkim Manipal University or ‘SMU’, is incorporated under the State Legislative Act of the Government of Sikkim. It is recognized by the Ministry of Human Resource Development - Government of India.
SMU’s Degrees/ Diplomas/Certificates are recognized by all members of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and are at par with Degrees / Diplomas / Certificates of all Indian Universities/Deemed Universities/Institutions.

The Course, Bachelor of Science in Language Teaching, is designed for those who have successfully completed 12 years of schooling (10 + 2 pattern) or equivalent as defined by the local Government.
The three-year degree course is a combined course on English Language, Literature and a teaching degree. Distributed across 6 semesters, B.Sc.LT is a comprehensive program of Grammar, Literature, Communication skills, philosophy, psychology, economy, education, school management and practically all those significant aspects that a teacher needs to consider and develop as a complete professional. A student can take up to maximum of 6 years to complete the course.

This Degree course has flexibility of not only studying online but also phasing the study. The student can study from home and at his own pace. At the same time the student can choose to earn a 2-year Diploma qualification on completing Semester I – IV in case he/ she has to opt out midway through the course. A successful conclusion of Semester 5 & 6 makes the student eligible for the final certification. The exit qualification here is the degree of BscLT. Each semester carry 16 credits which add to 96 credits for the entire course of 6 semesters.

Please contact degree@bestteflcourse.com for more information or log into www.bestteflcourse.com to see more details.

22nd May - Latest news from Languagecorps

Make the most of your TESOL Certification Course. Languagecorps and PANNASASTRA UNIVERSITY of CAMBODIA have developed a new program that takes you from initial TESOL Certification all the way through completing your Masters Degree in Education (M.Ed.) The program works like this: you take your initial TESOL Certification course with Languagecorps in THAILAND, VIETNAM or CAMBODIA. Those wishing to go on for their Masters Degree will be interviewed for admission, and for a full time teaching position on the University staff, teaching English in the University’s pre-college admission English program (all classes at the University are taught in English). Qualified graduates of the Languagecorps program get graduate credit for their Languagecorps classes, and advanced placement of up to one semester in the Masters program. Your teaching schedule will be set so that you can continue your studies (the M.Ed. program is on weekends) while you work. You will be able to work full-time at the University or another local school, and make a comfortable living while completing your Masters Degree. More importantly, you will be using your new skills to help the people of Cambodia rebuild their lives and their country after years of social and political trauma.

Next classes start:
VIETNAM: July 23 / August 20 / September 17
THAILAND: June 11 / July 9 / August 6 / September 3
CAMBODIA: July 16 / August 13 / September 10
www.cambodialanguagecorps.com languagecorps@yahoo.com

9th April 2007 - latest news from Chichester College TEFL course

The popular Chichester College TESOL course continues to go from strength to strength — this time with the launch of the new “Teach English” magazine which is packed with useful information for those considering a career teaching English. The articles are written by experienced teachers, many of whom took the Chichester course at some point in time since it started 6 years ago!

The Chichester College TESOL (TEFL/TESL) course includes a guaranteed job placement, visa assistance and a unique series of “excursions” to schools, companies and language centres around Bangkok, giving participants the opportunity to see real English language teaching in progress before taking part in their own teaching practice!

The training centre also boasts excellent facilities: Set in a quiet parkland area, in the centre of Bangkok, the Training Centre facilities include a well stocked library and a CyberZone with free high-speed internet usage for all course participants. In addition, the complex in which the Training Centre is located boasts some great recreational facilities such as restaurants, a coffee lounge, swimming pool, chill-out zone and free WiFi internet. The centre is only 4 minutes walking-distance from the MRT (Subway/Underground) station “Suthisan” and some great value guest house accommodation.

For more information, visit the Chichester College (Thailand) website at http://www.chichester.ac.th - the magazine is available free to anyone who applies for the course and is offered a place (no purchase is necessary!)

30th September 2006 - eighteen (18) new courses for 2007 from International House

International House Bangkok, the local affiliate of the world-renowned International House World Organisation (IHWO) and fastest growing trainer of CELTA teachers in the SE Asia region, is happy to announce an extended programme for the calendar year 2007. With courses running at both its established and popular centre in the heart of Bangkok, and at its ‘upcountry’ centre just west of Chiang Mai, the fact that IH Bangkok is now offering a combined total of 18 courses means that there will be a course with dates to suit you.

Whether it’s the pace and diversity of the Big Mango, or the serenity of the tropical countryside you are looking for, CELTA training courses with IH offer not only the Cambridge ESOL guarantee of quality, but also the promise that you will be benefiting from IH’s 50+ years of experience in the EFL teacher training industry.

To find out more, visit http://www.ihbangkok.com/teachertraining.html

***Look out for the all-inclusive (food and board) deal in Chiang Mai***

More Information: