P.A.P.P.A - Pattaya Advertising Promotion Publishing Alliance

P.A.P.P.A Co., Ltd. Has Helped the Best with Public Relations, Advertising, Promotion and Sales!
P.A.P.P.A Co., Ltd. helped Pattaya City host the official visit of Princess Maha Chakri Sirintorn and other important events. We have also organized and done public relations for Banglamung District, Chonburi Province, the (TAT) Tourist Authority of Thailand, TOT, the Thailand Asset Management Corp. and other large government agencies. P.A.P.P.A Co., Ltd. has assisted the Hard Rock Hotel, Marriott Resort, Royal Cliff Hotel, Dusit Resort and all major Pattaya hotels, real estate companies and restaurants. P.A.P.P.A Co., Ltd. can help your business with getting through red tape, creating consumer awareness and most importantly increasing sales!

P.A.P.P.A’s VISAS Affiliated Program

With our excellent success rate and signature professional and friendly service, P.A.P.P.A is pleased to bring to you yet another service to make your stay in Thailand more accommodating! P.A.P.P.A Visa Affiliated Program brings another dimension to the already established Publishing, Advertising and Property aspects of the Company. P.A.P.P.A Company has extensive experience in handling Visa services with dedicated staff working adeptly to obtain your Visa hassle free!

P.A.P.P.A has diplomatic ties with Thai consulates and embassies worldwide and can guarantee your Thai visas from any where around the globe. We specialize in all types of visas ranging from but not limited to Marriage Visas, Business Visas, Non Immigrant Visas of all types, Tourist Visas, 90-day Visas and Visa runs, Work permits and much more…

More importantly however is the fact that P.A.P.P.A is recognized by the government of Thailand and officially endorsed by the TAT (Tourism authority of Thailand), knowing this you can rest assured that all your visa documents and the process in obtaining your visas will be legally and methodically processed and approved according to the governing law of Thailand. Do not be lured into obtaining False and illegal Visas. At P.A.P.P.A Company we want your best interest and will help solve any problems, be it unforeseen, that may arise!

To contact our Visa Department write to us at drewnoyes@gmail.com
Telephone : ++ 66 38 301 050
Fax : ++ 66 38 301 045
Address : 448/21 Moo 12 Thepprasit Rd. Pattaya City Nongprue Banglamung Chonburi 20150 Thailand

Dear Readers,

Our website www.visastostayinthailand.info was created with one goal in mind, To help make your stay in Thailand a pleasurable one and hassle free! The story highlighted by Anna in the last blog is one of our numerous success stories from our vast selection of satisfied customers. We hope that by continuing to read this blog and by addressing P.A.P.P.A for all your needs ranging from Visas to Media related ventures, you will also achieve your own success story soon!

With Best Wishes

P.A.P.P.A Company Management