We had another guy quit at work today. He lasted one week. I hate this certain mentality of some foreigners who come here to work, but expect to be able to do so without doing any actual work. Why apply for a job, waste everybody’s time being trained up, getting a work permit, getting a visa, only to turn around and walk out the next day?

Is the concept of work so alien in Thailand? The guy who quit today had the revelation that he could earn more money teaching. Well, gee, I could have told him that before he’d even sat down at his desk. Sure, I could quit my job today and earn double my salary working as a language teacher, but what would I ultimately gain out of doing something I’m really bad at and have no desire to do in the long run?

If you want to earn real money, then why the heck would you choose to come to Thailand? I have nothing against the guy who quit, but we all put time and effort into helping him out, correcting his work and trying to train him up – I guess I feel kind of betrayed, which is silly, because it is ultimately his choice.

On the other hand, I can kind of understand why the guy quit. We do, after all, work on a tropical island, and yet work takes up almost all of our time. We aren’t living the high life here by a long shot, but it’s certainly not a bad existence.

It just seems so absurd for a young foreigner to switch career paths in Thailand based on his salary. I guess this is part of the problem a lot of companies face in Thailand. Many people are simply looking for vacation work, and for quick, easy money, language teaching is the obvious route.

Perhaps I’m just upset because it means my workload gets bigger once again, but I wish people would use some common sense when they come to work in Thailand.