As the sun goes down and the temperature drops just that few degrees to make me realize how warm it has been all day I sit in my hammock on my balcony sipping a tall glass of freshly squeezed lime juice over ice with just a splash of vodka.

I look back at the last few months and realize I have been lucky, lucky enough to chase a dream and catch it, lucky enough to realize life in the rat race can be escaped, lucky enough to finally find somewhere comfortable.

I am a recent ex-pat you see, more specifically an Englishman living upon a small tropical island named Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand. Until eight months ago I was slogging along in a 9-5 job as an IT manager. Now I am a ‘farang’ living a less complicated life amongst the friendly Thai folk.

Thailand is a surprisingly easy place to re-locate too, a yearly non-immigrant visa can be obtained from the Thai Consulate in the UK, you are required to leave the county every thirty days and re-enter, this is something we term a ‘visa run’ and consists of hopping over the nearest border and back (Malaysia for me).

A significant amount of Thai people speak enough English so that day to day affairs are not too much of a struggle and the amenities and infrastructure in Thailand, even my remote location, are fairly good.

Day to day living here moves at a far different pace to the western world, never more evident than when a Thai person is preparing food. Nothing is purchased in advance; a Thai family buys today what it will eat today. A trip to the market is as much a social affair as it is a necessity, often people will linger at one stall whilst they strike up a conversation with a complete stranger, smiling all the while.

As a long term holiday destination or a possible life move Thailand has much to offer. A wonderful climate the whole year round, good value for money, friendly locals and almost all of the amenities we have come to depend upon so much in the west.

Mac Wheeler is an ex-corporate tech guy who at the age of 40 turned his back on the rat race and wandered off to live on the paradise island of Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand.

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