Went to a Visa service company in BKK recently to assist me in obtaining a non-Immigrant B multiple entry visa. Was told to mail all the completed paperwork provided to one of the Thai consulate in the USA. They said you need to leave the country as the Consulate will want to see the Thailand exit stamp. Furthermore they recommend it be mailed from and returned to a U.S. address. What I’m thinking of doing is going to Laos posting it to my friend in California and he will post for me to Houston. This I’m told will work and will take 2 weeks to get back to me?

Two questions:
1) has anyone done this and if so what was their result?
2) Anyone know if Laos (Vientiane) has DHL, FedX, UPS services?


I have sent items to and from the Philippines via Fedex.
They do have a location in Laos:

Entreprise Des Postes Lao
Lane Xang Ave. 0100
Vientianne, Lao PDR
856 21 22 3278

And yes you would clearly be deceiving the consulate being out of the US when you apply for your visa.


Is it Illegal to do this?


No it isn’t !!

Why do you think embassies will give you 2 passports?? For exactly this reason.

I have done this for the last 3 years.. With the full compliance and disclosure to the UK embassy, the Thai Consul and Thai immigration. I have it in writing from both the first 2 that this is OK, Thai immigration wont ever commit to putting things in writing.

You must be outside of Thailand when you apply for the visa, yo do not have to be in the country that issues the visa.

One thing the OP must be aware; if you only have one passport make sure the country you are in outside of Thailand does not legally require you to have your passport with you.