Welcome to My Blog on Thai Visa’s after residing in Thailand for many years I have decided to compile Visa information for other sites in one location. I myself have spent timeless hours searching the internet on Visa information. It seems everywhere I went I got generic information that every other website seems to have? There are good posts on some forums which discuss peoples own experiences in dealing with Immigration issues in Thailand. One thing I didn’t find though was solid information. Their was many off the cuff comments or just quick rebuttals to Members questions. I have taken time to search all the Visa sites to compile all the information here. I have also added information on teaching and Jobs in Thailand. I have left the links to the actual sites should you wish to pursue the sites information further. Enjoy your stay in Thailand and I hope you get the information you need I will keep this blog updated daily, should Thai Immigration make any changes or I get tips on where the best place to get your visa from I will post it right away. Thank you :)