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RSM Recruitment Thailand was established in 2004 and since then, we have placed and retained staff of all levels to some of the biggest blue chip and fortune 500 companies operating within Thailand…

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WorkThailand.com you will be happy to hear, is not just another website pretending to offer impartial advice, standard visa information, secrets or magical overnight solutions to the dilemma of finding a great job in Thailand. Neither are we Thai Executive Search Consultants or your typical Thai Recruitment or Job Finders website per se. Furthermore we are not in the business of promoting (or complaining about) the usual, sometimes unsavory goings-on’s typically associated with Thailand.

All those things mentioned above can easily be found elsewhere on the Internet so we stick to what we do best - helping you!

Okay enough already! let’s get to the point…

Instead, we have simply concentrated on developing Thailand’s first ever databank of qualified Expatriate professionals and other skilled personnel, who are all serious and 100% committed to working in Thailand either on a contract basis or long term.

Today we are pleased to be recognized as pioneers and founders of the only meaningful website that actually specializes and in turn truly helps, many Expatriates in their pursuit of finding bona fide, well paid, legal employment in Thailand.

WorkThailand.com is the only place where an Expatriate seeking work in Thailand will benefit by having a potential employer seeking them - rather than vice versa.

Nowadays it is becoming almost cliche to say “we are different” or special - but we believe we really are! So much so that we are confident to say we are truly unique in that no one else is offering the same, or similar professional service.

WorkThailand.com is the only place where an Expatriate seeking work in Thailand will benefit by having a potential employer seeking them - rather than vice versa.

WorkThailand.com ís quite simply the only place where Thai and multi-national employers can immediately find many qualified, job seeking Expatriate professionals all in one convenient place via a searchable databank.

WorkThailand.com is also the only place that actually welcomes Expatriate Farangs already based in Thailand to list their resumes with us.

The future will no doubt see many imitators, but for now we really are the only place to be. We trust we will be able to continue to serve the many Expatriates who have already listed with us, as well as the numerous Thai and multi-national companies who have recognized the value of subscribing to our unique new specialized service.


Anyone who has tried (even half heatedly), will already know the uphill climb one is immediately faced with when trying to find a good job in Thailand. Thai and English language newspapers are notorious for the familiar slogans that seem to appear in each and every job advertisement in the Classifieds Jobs sections – all boldly stating THAI NATIONAL ONLY!

Quite understandably, many Expatriates react disheartened believing that this apparent racism means it will not be possible to work in Thailand, period. Not so…


The truth of the matter is many of these same companies (both local Thai and International corporations) simply find it easier to habitually state this. Consequently, your carefully crafted Application Letter, Resume or CV will normally never get past the young Thai person whose job it is to filter the hundreds of responses before presenting suitable candidates to their HR superior.

Nevertheless, when a position is open to all nationalities (which in reality normally means Westerners as opposed to every possible race) or when an appointment is specifically for an Expatriate professional, the company in question has (up until now) been at odds with itself to successfully fulfill the position. The knee-jerk reaction by the same (usually junior) HR staff is to contact all the usual Thai headhunters, recruitment consultants, job placement companies etc. asking where can they find a “farang!”

Now it doesn’t take much to figure out that they in turn will invariably not find any suitable candidates, as those same Thai headhunters, recruitment consultants, job placement companies are well known for not welcoming, or even accepting, farang Expatriates to list their resumes with them.

Consequently this is where our niche, yet highly specialized website comes into its own.

WorkThailand.com ís quite simply the only place where Thai and multi-national employers can immediately find many qualified, job seeking Expatriate professionals all in one convenient place.

In other words this is the ONLY place you are likely to be found!

TEFL International - CTEFL
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Timeshare Staff Ltd

 Last week I engaged in a common occurrence among expats here in Thailand—the visa run. Both my business partner and I were due for out 90-day excursion outside the Kingdom of Thailand, to satisfy our non-immigrant B visas granted to us for business purposes.

Visas and changes in visa policy are part of life as a foreigner in the Kingdom of Thailand. Until recently, visa and work permit requirements for most western developed countries and rich Asian countries were pretty relaxed. Visa extensions, long-term, and multi-entry visas could be had cheaply and hassle-free. 

All that changed with the terrorist bombing of a night club in Bali, Indonesia, which killed over 200 people, mostly Australian vacationers. In the past, each Thai embassy and consulate acted very autonomously, interpreting the law with their own twist. Visa agencies all over Thailand help foreigners with visa applications. They knew which Thai embassies and consulates were the easiest, fastest, and most likely to accept incomplete or improperly prepared applications. Singapore is an incredible hassle, but Penang in Malaysia, or Melbourne, Australia were always more accommodating. Earlier this year a new mandate for strict adherence to the rules was launched and everything changed.

Do It Yourself

I personally witnessed the misfortune of some folks who made the mistake of paying for a visa without actually leaving the country. For a fee, agents promised to take the foreign passports out of the country, have them stamped and new visas issued. Unfortunately, many of these agents took the money and forged the stamps. I saw two English women get detained at the immigration office in Ranong on the Burmese border. They had fake stamps in their passports and were required to reveal the agent that provided it. 

Now, the much sought after 90-day plus multi-entry visa is a bit more elusive than in the past. This results in more paperwork. And, apparently the new controls have been effective at thwarting terrorist activity. In fact, some of these changes were instrumental in capturing the mastermind of the Bali bombing who attempted to hide in Thailand.

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