PHNOM PENH - THAILAND and Cambodia agreed on Monday to allow foreign tourists to enter on a single visa. ‘This means a tourist can get a visa either for Thailand or Cambodia and can visit the two nations,’ Cambodian Foreign Minister Hor Namhong said after signing the agreement with visiting Thai counterpart Nitya Pibulsonggram.

The deal was the first of a hoped for series also involving Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam, he said.

‘We want to see the five countries become one tourist destination,’ Mr Hor Namhong said.

Thailand is aiming to have 15 million foreign tourists this year while Cambodia had 1.7 million last year, most of whom visited the ancient Angkor temples.

Earlier this month, Air Finland began the first commercial direct flight between Europe and Cambodia, where the tourism industry is growing 25 per cent per year.

Monday, February 11, 2008

VICTORIA — The Thai wife of a Victoria-born oilfield worker is accused of having him killed as he slept in their home in Thailand by paying a gunman close to $2,000, according to Thai reports.

Dale Henry, 48, was killed by a gunshot to the head. Marie-Christine Lilkoff, a spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs, confirmed Sunday that the killing took place Feb. 3. She was unable to provide further details of the case due to privacy concerns.



Went to a Visa service company in BKK recently to assist me in obtaining a non-Immigrant B multiple entry visa. Was told to mail all the completed paperwork provided to one of the Thai consulate in the USA. They said you need to leave the country as the Consulate will want to see the Thailand exit stamp. Furthermore they recommend it be mailed from and returned to a U.S. address. What I’m thinking of doing is going to Laos posting it to my friend in California and he will post for me to Houston. This I’m told will work and will take 2 weeks to get back to me?


Teaching overseas is the best way to combine great working conditions with living an exotic lifestyle. But it’s not without pitfalls for the unwary. I’m going to share a little story with you about how an experienced international teacher ended up having a really, really bad couple of days…
When you are getting ready to move overseas, you will definitely want to take a very close look at what kind of visa you need to get. Moving your teaching career abroad isn’t the same as going on holiday. You are not entering the country for tourism purposes, and most countries distinguish between tourism visas and, well, non-tourism visas!

You many need to get a non-immigrant visa, or a business visa or a working visa… there are many names and number designations that are country specific. For example, teachers who are moving to the United Kingdom require a working visa (or a working holiday visa if they’re under 30) but I needed a non-Immigrant B visa to enter Thailand to take up my post here.


Following the Thai government’s proposals to amend the Foreign Business Act which restricts the rights of foreigners to own or operate certain businesses in Thailand, CB Richard Ellis Thailand has been carefully monitoring the Thai residential, resort and office markets to judge the market’s actual response from news of the proposals to amend the law on foreign businesses and other recent events.

CB Richard Ellis has also looked carefully at the real effect of the current proposals in conjunction with major law firms and has considered the psychological effect and the perception of foreign businesses in Thailand and foreign purchasers of Thai property. The danger of these proposals is that they may be seen as a rejection of foreign investments with large potential losses for both the real estate and construction sectors of the economy and what might been seen as poor public relations or presentation of Thailand internationally.


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